Aquatic Spiders

I've never actually been anywhere near a live octopus before, but just looking at a photograph of one sends shivers down my spine. I'm scared of large spiders and octopuses, with their multiple legs, are the aquatic version of them.  

mistygrey mistygrey
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5 Responses Jun 13, 2009

Lol. You'd get yourself a reputation walking around with all those hickeys on display, and imagine the looks you'd get from people when you said an octopus had caused them!

Their tentacles are like suction cups, so you'd end up with a face full of hickeys ;) ...<br />
Not many octupii on the prairies ... but if I get a chance, I'll give it an honest try :) ...

Can you imagine one floating by and slapping you in the face with it's tentacles? that would be scary!

I never would have thought delicious ... maybe inky ;)

They always seemed like the mosquitos of the seas to me ...