One Night Cuddle

I met this great guy, he was very real, had a big of the few boys my age who would have actually cared about me. And it took me all of one night to back out. We had such a great time, flirting and cuddling, watching movies, laughing, talking, blowing bubbles with our gum. That was how he got our first kiss, our gum popped and mixed all together and well, you know what happens next. But about a week alter, through very seldom conversation...via text...I ended it, and now I'm missing him. Why do I get scared? I found a guy finally willing to go my pace, and appreciate, ME, and I walked.
CarlyOnline CarlyOnline
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Hi Carly. Is it possible that you have a fear of letting someone who may have the true potential to love and be good for you--in other words, someone worthy-- in? Maybe you're afraid that if you do, he'll discover all your imperfections and things you don't like, or don't like other's to see, about yourself (everyone has these aspects ... If that's the case, just know that you are human and there is nothing wrong with that). Anyway, just a thought. Good luck!

Hearing it in those words, yes I believe that was what I was facing. And still am, these years later. Being human is quite terrifying to me.

gwt back to him u are making a mistake dont be scared give him a chance