Love @ 20!

For 4 years...

I never had serious relationships. I guess, it's because I am afraid to trust not to love. I had boyfriends in the past but its not something you can call a 'real' boy-girl relationship. 'Twas just a plain mutual understanding. No kissing, no hugging... nothing so intimate. Now that am already 19 years old, it seems that I already forget how to love. For the past years I focused all my time in my studies and being the good my mom expects me to be. Just today, I realize, I've been missing a lot in my life. As if there's a void in my heart waiting to be filled. I don't know where or how to start, what I'm sure of is that... I need someone, aside from my friends,. someone whom I can share my funny stories with, my little achievements, my lonely moments and stuffs like that.

Am now a grown young , yet, there was that part of my life which stayed young- my heart. I'm turning 20 this December, I just hope that before that time comes that special someone will already be beside me. Someone who will care, love and understands me. and most specially, someone who will say - "You can TRUST me". If that time comes, Im sure I'd be very happy and 20.
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3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

I feel exactly the same. I'm 19 years old and have never been in a serious relationship. Now I'm going to start a new life and meet new people. Hopefully I'll find someone special for me. Hope the same thing will happen to you.<br />
Good luck! :)

Your looking for some one to share your life with, "human nature" your so young so be PATIENT that individual will apear sooner or later! Remember, making mistakes is your best teacher!<br />
<br />

:) You are beautiful so someone will come around sooner than you think. Let's just hope they are honest. Best of luck!