Too Much to Deal With!

i just cant deal with all of the emotions involved because im too scared of getting hurt or hurting someone...i have had my heartbroken too many times and i just cant trust guys!
missy2486 missy2486
22-25, F
3 Responses Apr 2, 2007

its hard isnt it, im scared of hurtin my friends although sometimes i have ago at them, i dont mean to but lately the smallest things annoy me. I also am findin it hard to trust anyone let alone lads<br />

I know, it's hard to keep a relationship going when you're worried if you might hurt them without meaning to, or that they might hurt you, but unfortunately that's risk you must take. You can only find true love if you persist and keep trying and looking for it. Follow your heart if you want to be with someone, then it's worth all the effort in the entire world to make it work. And don't give up completely on guys, we're not all bad heh.

I know how that feels! I like to take things slow myself. Seems like now adays the guys I have dated want everything too fast! I like to get to know someone and keep it casual for a while. I have learned that the ones that try to rush you into a commitment real fast are usually hiding something or they are not who they appear to be.