Afraid Of Love

I have been dating this guy for a month and a half. I am pretty sure he loves me he tells me how he loves me and how amazing I am. He is getting ready to go to boot camp for the Navy. I care for him but I find myself pushing away from him. We have been through a lot in the time we have been together. Recently we got into an argument and he keeps sending me messages about how he is sorry and how he "knows" I am afraid he will love someone else and how he will and she will call me mama and how he will meet other girls in the Navy but none of them will be me. My friends say I am crazy not to hold on to this guy and if it were them no girl would get within 10 feet of him. My guy friends say they have never seen me so upset all the time. I care for him but I am a firm believer you don’t have super serious relationships in high school. He is 19 and I am17 and he wants me to wait for him while he is at boot camp. I just don’t know what to do!
HisAngel01 HisAngel01
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1 Response May 15, 2012

you should wait for him if you are satisfied with his sincerity and love