I Need This To Be Said (commitment Issues)

I need you to listen to me for your own good. I've noticed you have deeper affection towards me than I am able to give you at the moment. I know am cold and distant as a person, I have been my whole life alone. In the past I have been hurt by men for a very long periods of time, and this is how I learned to behave. I can't open up easily, it takes a great deal of time for me, and I want you to know this before picturing us 20 years from now..
I know I have issues with commitment and I would be taking it hard if I were the one to hurt you. I am worried you may fall too hard for me and I wouldn't be able to respond back in the same way. As I said I find it hard to be with somebody, and it takes a great deal of effort for me just to show affections and be close to anyone what would normal people consider normal.
Take it slow, I always tell myself life is about moment and I find it helpful when I know something may get too out of hand.

I would appreciate mostly to be open to me as I am to you about anything you find uneasy or troubling.
Ankhou Ankhou
Dec 16, 2012