Yes I Am Scared Of...

Yes i am scared of relationships, even platonic ones. Due to me being scared i take things at a snails pace and let ALL new ppl who seek relationships with me, that this is my reality. I need a feel of control regarding the pace, as many people have hurt me in the past. I know this can be very frustrating to other people, but i think i am worth  the wait, as i will do anything for my friends, even be bluntly honest if they ask my opinion. My current friends, who have gone through my initial control face, all feel that it was worth their while. ONCE friends i do not feel the need to be controlling as i am a very trustworthy person, and once friends i feel that i can trust them. My need for control, to set the pace, with new ppl. is simply due to the fact that far too many people have used me with their own agendas, If they can not accept my explanation, and i take rime and give examples, than they are not the people i wish to enter a relationship with them. I'd rather have fewer dependable friends (which is reciprocal) than to have many that perhaps are not. Does it limit the amount of relationships i have? YES, BUT I AM OK WITH THAT LIMITATION. ooops sorry caps). Have a great day everyone!!
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I have committed easily, and trusted many. this hasn't worked out so well. What it has done has made me resilient to bastards, jaded, but I will hang on to my belief that I'm a good person, and just cos the world has sent me ********, i will not become one.<br />
I understand your need for control, but control is only a crutch till we realise it doesn't protect us the way we would like to.<br />
I will still be stuffed around by ********, and i have learnt thru my experiences, but as long as you are still the person you want to be, it doesn't matter about the outside world