It's Hard to Say.  Ac...

It's hard to say.  Actually, yes and no.  My relationships are very important to me, but I'm afraid of new ones.  Sometimes they end up as bad ones without any forewarning.
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1 Response May 27, 2007

I know how that is...happened just recently...met a great Guy..we clicked in every way , we were more than comfortable with each other. We have been dating 3 months and 2 wks aghe became different and very distant...then tells me he's moving 12 hrs. Away....his family is there and he got a job offer that was hard to pass up. He says he loves me and to keep my heart open that he has to find himself...he really hasn't talked to me but will send me an occasional text that only includes small talk...I don't take crap and told him exactly what I expected....I have a 13 yr old daughter and I can't afford to have BS in my life...I can't afford to make any mistakes...not only for me but for her.....I was married for 20 Yrs when he passed away and this dating crap sucks...I don't think there are any good guys left