A Bit, I Am....

Yes, I am scared because the beginning of a relationship is really hard for me.

I dont know how to begin such a relationship. I feel so insecure and dont know how to behave, how to feel, how to speak.

And then, there are also always the thought: Does he/she likes me like I like him/her? Does he/she wants the same things? Do we fit together? What will my friends say and how will they react? Is it right? Is this strong, confused feeling really love? or only hysterie?

So, because of all this questions running through my head every time, when I meet someone "special" and the hurricane of feelings in my heart and the sudden physical weakness, I am scared of relationships.

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1 Response May 27, 2007

I think everyone feels the same they're unsure of exposing their true self in a fear that the person won't like us for who we truly are. <br />
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Heres a proverb from the bible on love..."Love is always patient; love is always kind; love is never envious or arrogant with pride. Nor is she conceited". <br />
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try to be yourself if he/she/it doesnt like you then fine it just wasn't meant to be.