If Only You Would Let Me.

Every time I reveal my feelings for a guy, they immediately run away from me. I am a reserved, shy, person and it makes it hard enough to start a relationship. (i have never had one) Maybe, guys get startled by the intensity of my feelings? I don’t know. Why does this happen all the time?! I am tired of going through this again and again, only to find that my heart is broken into tiny pieces. I would love to love another person that loves me equally. Only if they would let me.
CrypticNeurotica CrypticNeurotica
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 6, 2007

i've had thi happen to me more than a few times too. i mean it's not like i profess undying love as soon as we meet or even after some time has passed,so how do they get so scared and why? i say if i had real men,grown up men and not little boys,the reaction would be different. someone who is emotionally secure and developed. i think too many of them are too immature in many ways to handle a real woman.

perhaps you should wait and let them reveal their feelings for you first, some men do get a little nervious if things seem to go alittle fast, take your time and enjoy the dateing and try not to make it to serious to fast, Good Luck