Spider Dream

I have a weird type of arachnopbobia...I'm not so scared of daddy long legs but I'm scared of the thick spiders and i FREAK out whenever i see them. if they actually touch me I cry...So i just had the worst dream of my life...I just dreamt about a HUGE spider...it was like a huge and fat tarantula. In my dream i went to take a cup to the sink and it was in the cup! So i ran in extreme TERROR to my room and shut the door but before i shut the door i saw that the spider was crawling out of the sink and it follwed me to my room where i was holding the door shut since i dont have a lock... and it was like pounding on the door really hard. After a while of this it actually made its way into my room where i freaked out even more and my light was turned off and it was dark and i could not see where it was and at this point i was so enveloped in fear that i was screaming. Good thing i have taught myself to wake up in like the scariest parts of my nightmares so i woke up after that.... i just wanted to share because i have been up for an hour and still cannot go back to sleep because im scared of dreaming about spiders again...
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i would be so scared to see one in real life...just thinking about them gives me goosebumps...props to you for being brave! i wish i could be braver... but thanks for understanding! i appreciate it! <3

thank you for your understanding... i told my family members that i had the worst dream i have ever had and when i told them about it, they just said, "is that it?" they dont undetrstand my fear...=/<br />
so i appreciate the comment THANKS!

That was plenty frightening, juanajennycarrillo13, and Im in your cornor because I am afraid of them also, as is most of my family members. After I see a spider, my day or night is ruined, I jump for everything for a while there after, (you know, it takes time to work it's way out of your system). I have a lot of spider stories, and one being paranormal, maybe I'll put one up soon! Stay strong, and know that you're not alone in this, believe me......you have plenty of company!!.