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Wow, where do I begin..first of all, I don't know at what time in life I became so afraid of spiders, it seems like one day, I woke up, and there they were. I've even tryed too figure out, the reason why I'm so afraid of them, and I think it is probably three things, the eight creepy legs, and those eight horrible eyes, now tell me, why do they n-e-e-dddd so many?? lol. I also think it's because they may be poisonous, and I'm not sure which ones are by sight. Some years ago, while me, and my husband, was waiting for base housing, (he was in the Military at the time), we decided to just stay in a trailer for the time being. I was so excited about it, as this was my first time, to experience living in a trailer, and I figured it to be something quite fun, please "don't ask me why". When we walked into the trailer, we saw that it was furnished already, which was good, since we had no furniture yet. My eyes lit up as bright as could be, because everything in the trailer, was canary yellow,..... from the curtains, to the walls, all of the appliances, and right down to the carpet. I was shocked, and didn't know exactly what to say at that point, so I asked the lady, who was showing the trailer, to give us a few moments to discuss it. I asked her, if there were other trailers we could possibly look at, she said  unfortunately not. She said  this was the last one she had, and by us being in the Military, that made us top priority, but  there were others who wanted this same trailer. We took into consideration that it was near to stores, and that we would only be there temporarily, so we took it. I picked out the room I wanted for us, and gave the kids the other room, located in the back, where they could make as much noise as they wanted to. One thing I noticed right away was that, there were no beds, only folding cots, two in the kids room, and two in our room.

Things were going along well, untill after a couple of days, when I began to notice that I was being awakened by the feel of something crawling on me. I would wake up abruptly, attempting to knock off, what ever was on my body. I would then raise up, find nothing, and drift back to sleep. This went on for a few mornings, and because I never saw anything, I  just  brushed it aside as being my  own skin crawling, or just my imagination. One morning I felt that same feeling again, and was awaken twice, by something crawling on my face, and arm. By now, I was very anoyed by it all, and had gotten to the point where I just forced myself to wake completly, so I could assess the matter. It was dust dark, and my plan was to wait until  sun rise. The lighting in the bedroom wasn't too good, and the extra light coming in from the sun, would help brighten things up a bit. I was fully awake, with eyes opened wide, waiting for the peep of sun to shine through, which  wasn't far away. Finally, the sun had risen, and that was my cue to get up and start investigating. I really didn't have to get up to see the first thing, which was something dark, crawling on the wall, near to where my head would be. I barely could see it, even with the help from the sun light, but I wanted to know what it was. I decided to get my magnifying glass, so that I could get a better look, and boy did I. I got it, and aimed it right over the small dark spot, and what I saw really gave me the creeps. I held the magnifying glass there for a few moments, to be sure of what I was seeing, and soon learning that it was a black baby spider. Now my next thought was, where there is one, there are more, and where there are babies, there's probably a mama near by,  as I thought about these things, goose pimples began to grow on my arms. I sat there on the cot, trying to get my composure, but that was hard to do, especially when, the  one spider,  soon became two, and two became three, three became four, and before long, my wall was covered with black baby spiders. I immediately jumped up, and backed away, fearing that they might jump on me, and could even be poisonous, I wondered, " why haven't I been bit already?". I really didn't know what to do, so I thought maybe I would just leave them alone until my husband got home, because the last thing I would want to do is, disturb them, and cause them to scatter all over the trailer.
I figured that at this point, the best thing I could do, was to walk out of the bed room, and closed the door behind me, and that's exactly what I did.

I sat in the living room, until my husband got home, which would be about 7 hours from then. I had no intentions of going back into that room, not until the two of us went in together. Time went by relatively fast, I did something that I normally didn't do, and that was to watch the soaps, but the thought of spiders never left my mind. Right after lunch, and before long, I heard my hubby pulling into the driveway. He hardly got the door opened before I was telling him about my earlier experience. He was all ears, since he wasn't fond of spiders either. I warned him that he may see them all over the bedroom wall, then he slowly opened the door. I, like a small scared child, remained behind him, just incase we saw one. To my surprise, the walls were clear, we both walked over to where I had seen them, and sure enough, they were all gone. My hubby said jokingly, " they are probably gone, and were just visiting, or just passing through". I laughed and  said yes but,  that, that don't explain those mornings of being awakened by them crawling on me, we both stood there thinking of what to do next. I said to him, where there are babies, there's got to be a mom, and one of the things I did notice was that, the spiders were all coming from  the wall down below my cot, so I suggested to him that, we should look underneath the mattress. Together we carefully lifted and turned over the mattress, and what we saw, would frighten me for weeks to come. We saw what could easily have been hundreds of baby spiders underneath and attached my mattress, in other words, the entire time, I had been sleeping over their nest!! We looked on with amazement, as we saw so many eggs that were moving around. This indicated to me that, they probably were full of babies, that had not yet hatched, but by the looks of things, it wouldn't be long. We then checked under his cot, and the kids, and found nothing, we then pulled his cot out into the living room, and that's where we spent the night.

The next day was Saturday, and my hubby was off, we called the landlord very early, and told her about the spiders, within minutes, someone was there to check things out, and when they saw the spiders, their reaction was worse than ours. He checked through out the house for other possible nest, but didn't find any, he then decided that we just needed another cot and mattress. Time went on, and in about a week, we were notified that military housing was ready for us, within a few hours, we were packed and already to moved. I think about how blessed I was, to have not been bitten, and I have also wondered, what might  have happened, had I come face to face with the big mama, I know....but I don't think  it would be nice to tell  Well things are behind me now, but we all know that there are more spiders to come, don't we??
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Oh my what a story! I can understand your attitude toward the spiders! I want to share something with you - maybe it will help - don't know, but its worth a try.<br />
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First thing - clean, spray, throw out - whatever you need to do to help you right now to be more comfortable! Now having said that..... <br />
<br />
OK - I have been there!!!!! I was totally FREAKED out about spiders. Seriously - would totally wig out! Don't know why - just did. Where I live (southeast) we have 2 that are bad news - the brown recluse and the black widow (you just shuddered didn't you? - I know - I know - hang in there!) So anyhow - I was so absolutely ocd about these spiders and avoiding them that I started reading everything I could get my hands on so I I could ID them with no question. Now, I can spot a recluse from across the room now! (you shuddered again when I said recluse didn't you? - uh-huh - I gotcha - I understand!!) And I could tell a black widow by the sound of the web tearing! (yep another shudder) I was becoming a recluse/widow expert! But the weirdest thing happened...<br />
<br />
In all of my searching for reasons to hate them, the creepy little buggers started growing on me. In all my education and forcing myself to read more I began to sort of appreciate the little arachnids. I learned about the plethora of great little helpful spiders and how much they help out (some even eat the scary ones!). I couldn't believe it - me the biggest spider-phob in the world started hesitating when it came time to squash one. I have evolved from that time to a full-fledged spider saver. Everyone calls me for humane removal of them now! I even relocate the widows and recluses -waaaayyyyy out to the woods away from our house of course (still don't want them in the house!). I learned how to make the environment a place they didn't want to be (they love undisturbed dark areas of clutter!) and it has really kept them at bay. We do spray as well as an extra precaution. All this has really helped me sleep better at night! maybe that will help you too.<br />
<br />
I really hope this gives you hope! Hang in there and try to educate yourself - maybe you will have a similar experience!<br />
<br />
Oh - special warning - try to avoid the pictures and stories of spider bites - it will just freak you out more and take longer to start appreciating them.<br />
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