Mental Breakdown!

I was at camp right, with almost no technology. I was in the dining hall to get (but not eat) breakfast (the food was REALLY BAD). I'd just sat down at a table with a few of my friends when I noticed a MASSIVE spider sitting on the wall. I was staring at it and when it moved, a shiver went right through me and shook my empty stomach. Tears spilled from my eyes but I couldn't shut them for a second, not if it was alive, it might run away in those split seconds and then it might end up on me and I would, probably literally, die. My breathing quickens and my asthma doesnt help. I freeze. unable to move. Theres another one on the other wall. crap. i move my head, quickly between each one. God, I was SO scared. I couldnt sleep at all and I had to eat outside from that day on.
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2 Responses Jul 28, 2010

Just reading that gives me the shivers. Spiders, especially those of large dimensions, tend to reduce me to a nervous wreck. Frankly, it's embarrassing :/<br />
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I hate it when they're in a doorway or on the stairs and you need to get passed, but you're literally paralysed....D:<br />
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I've never tried professional help myself, but I have tried desensitising myself to spiders. I would slowly get closer to small ones and make myself okay with them and so on. It worked a little bit (for a little while), but it takes much more work to get rid of a phobia I think.

When did this happen? You should consider professional help to reduce the phobia. It seems to be getting in the way too much.