How I Stopped Spiders Getting In The House!!this Really Works

My partner and stepdaughter are both scared to death of spiders it was horrific  when they found spiders in the house they would run screaming from the room sounding like they were being murdered,it was even worse when we were camping as my partner woke one morning to find a spider staring her straight in the eyes on her face the tent was nearly demolished as she ran out screaming it wasnt good and my nerves after several years  were worn, i then started to work for a company in the uk which sold cctv cameras and one of the biggest issues was spiders building nests and setting off motion detectors they sold a can of spray which stops the spiders getting into the camera housing and also lasts for 8 months,I bought a can and thought id give it a go i sprayed all the windows doors air vents etc everywere that they could get in was sprayed and it worked we have been spider free for 12 months now and i was so impressed i started to sell this to friends and they have reported the same ,the cans are expensive at £10 a can but the peace and quiet  and peace of mind has been worth it 
if anyone is interested contact me on my e- mail address as long as you are in the uk i can get it to you my e-mail address is
hope this helps
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1 Response Aug 6, 2010

thats amazing i wish i lived in the uk lol