Gosh I hate spiders and their web.  In the summer time, I have lots in the backyard on the trees.  We spray our trees and then these ugly spiders decides they have a right to come back and bug me...damn them  ;)

I like Spiderman figurines though.  :)
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2 Responses Oct 25, 2010

KHbunny: I haven't watched the movie and not planning too, it seems gross Ahhhh, lol

KHbunny: Oh my gosh, just reading what you wrote got me ahhhh, lol...I hate spiders with a passion. Yeah, the little one's move fast and I hate the big one's too, I can't stand their legs. A few years back, I was cleaning up in my garage, all of a sudden, I felt itcheness on my left back knee...I wish I haven't looked, it was a humungus spider...I shook my leg and started running...silly me, yes and at the same time, yucky!.