Spider absolutely terrify me. Worst of all my house has a **** load of them. I'll just be sitting on my bed and here comes a disgusting creature running across my bed ! I scream and run and force one of my family members to kill them because i wont go near them. Even the little tiny ones freak me out. I don't like to touch things in my room in fear of a spider might be on them and i go to all measures to not open my drawers on my room in case a spider might jump on me. One time when i was sleeping a spider AND a beetle crawled across my face ! I couldnt sleep in my room for a month. I steer clear of bushes because a spider might crawl on me ! They are disgusting and i wish they would all just perish existence. 
ohhlizz ohhlizz
18-21, F
May 28, 2012