Earlier Tonight

Earlier tonight I decided I needed to pee.

But after closing the door and turning around, I discovered there was a spider [or what looked like one, I didn't stay around to look very closely] on the toilet lid.

Needless to say, I got out of there fast.

I then discovered there was a spider on my bedroom ceiling as well. It didn't bother me too much, until it started moving. It sat itself right above my head and began to dangle down slightly.

I freaked out. Decided to leave my room. Only problem was the spider from the toilet had migrated from the lid to the hinge of the door [which just happens to be 1 step away from my bedroom]

I'm not scared the spiders are going to harm me in any way. It's just the way they look, they're so creepy. They seem to know you're there, and seem to like to annoy/scare you... and the thought of them crawling over your skin? -shudder-
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6 Responses Dec 7, 2006

When I see them I cant get them out of my head. Its freaking me out, because they are so scaring xD

I just got bit 5 days ago by a brown recluse, I was in the hospital ER twice in 24 hours, I was afraid of spiders before the bite now im going off the deep end!!!!! They say to get over spider you need to get used to seeing them around and see pics of them. NOT ME!!!!! i cant, i go nuts.

lostcancerian thats so funny and so true lol!

i hear ya- it seems like they have walkie-talkies and gps tracking on the ones who are afraid of them. ...<br />
"target within range, begining decent... target on the move- bathroom bill-go!go!go! bedroom bob over and out"...<br />

Funny how they know

I was terrified of spiders. I got over it. It was not one therapy that did it but a combination of facing pictures of spiders, looking at plastic ones regularly, being confronted by the real thing often, confronting my earliest ever memory of fearing a spider and dealing with it and learning more about how spiders live and why they are beneficial. It took years to conquer the phobia.