Summer Camp

i used to go to this summer camp and we would stay in cabins.  One night, one of the girls saw a spider. Everyone was freaking out because it was so big and they wouldn't go back to sleep until the counselor killed it. It was dark and I wasn't sure where they were seeing the spider, but there was one in the corner of my bunk. I later found out that the one they were talking about was a huge wolf spider (at least 1/2 inch not counting legs) that the counselor did kill with a broom and had to show us before we would sleep. Turns out that the one in the corner of my bunk was tiny and already dead.  I am really scared of spiders and it is probably a good thing I didn't see the big one until it was already dead.
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1 Response Dec 9, 2006

OMG you poor thing!!!! When I first moved into my house we had LOADS of huge spiders and my brother told me that these were wolf spiders too!!!! Some people have told me they can't be but on the net it says theres different type of wolf spiders and from what they said I'm sure it's what they were!!! I'm not going to sleep tonight now!!