Paralyzing Fear

I don't care how afraid of spiders you are, but I am worse. If there is a spider near me, I can sense it. When I was little, I lived in Australia, and a huge spider got in the house, for the first time, and before I had seen it on the ceiling, I could Sense that something was wrong. If there is a spider near me no matter how small, I will get so paralyzed that I can't move. All I can do is scream. Webs are so disgusting. I cant touch them because I'm so afraid that I'll walk through one and a spider will go in my hair. I can not sleep if there is a spider near me. I got nightmares about giant spiders for 7 years straight after I watched the Harry potter and the chamber of secrets movie. I still get those dreams at least once a week. I know that they are small, but for 7 years, I lived in a country with the most poisonous spider in the world to humans, the sydney funnel web. Most people think that the black widow is the most poisonous but it's not true. I spent my time in Australia terrified. Spiders are one of the things I hate most. Along with my OCD and the dark.
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I'm the same way, I can sense when one's around. If I see one I scream for someone else to kill it sadly I only live with my brother and most times I see them while he's at work :( so I keep my eye on them until he gets home (at as far a distance as possible). If I lose one and don't know where it went it takes me weeks to go back in that room (if it was my room it takes weeks before I can sleep in there again). Even if they're killed it takes awhile before I'm comfortable in the room again because I'm always thinking, "Where did it come from? What if there's more? How long has it been in this room?" I love horror movies and still haven't been able to watch Arachnophobia, Ice Spiders or ANYTHING with spiders in it, if they sneak one in I usually turn it off. I know where my fear came from though...A long time ago I was spending the weekend with my brother (in a different place) and we walked the 9 blocks to the video store to rent some movies and games, then stopped in at the grocery store to buy some food and snacks. When we got back home I put the brown paper bag I carried home on the coffee table and laid on the couch while he took his bags to the kitchen. He hollered something at me and I opened my eyes to see a little green transparent type spider hanging from the ceiling, in my face. I screamed for him to kill it, he did and I sat up and about to grab something out of the bag I had put on the coffee table when about 20 of those same kind of spiders just came pouring out of the bag. All I could think while I was screaming was "OMG I carried that bag all the home...were they in there the whole time?!" I almost passed out and have had a paralyzing fear of them ever since :(.

*shudder* that must have been awful. How did they get there? I would have passed out.

I have no idea how they got there and I don't know why I didn't sense them. Nowadays when I get this uneasy feeling or sudden shot of fear I know there's a spider SOMEWHERE in my vicinity.

the sydney funnel web is also known as the black widow. i am alike in the way that i will everything in my power to avoid spiders. ever since i watched the movie "arachniphobia". <br />
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dont worry about it, its completely natural to be afraid of the 8 legged freaks.

I've seen the sydney funnel web. And the black widow. The funnel web is bigger and more aggressive. The legs are hairier and thicker. Not the same thing. But thanks anyway. I know it feels perfectly natural

see thats the thing. the sydney funnel web is the same as a black widow, however depending on where each is found they grow differently. same species, different features. not different enough to be a new species :)

I didn't know that. Thank you for telling me. I appreciate it :) I really need to learn more about how species are defined by their genetic code. I probably shouldnt have narrowed down what kind of science I want to learn yet