Spiders! Why on earth are there spiders!
What kind of cruel jokester decided we need spiders!
I am not afraid of the dark!
I am not afraid of storms!
I am not afraid of the unknown!
I am not afraid of strangers!
Dogs, cats, bats, bees, I even use to purposely hunt rattle snakes!
But put me within 5' of a spider, or show me a picture of one, and I turn in to this sniveling, whimpering, and yes screaming blob of humanity!
Candicegirl Candicegirl
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Many people have irrational phobias. However with therapy you can overcome.

Or my foot! Insecticides! Folded up newspaper!!!

Me too. People tease me at work about my fear.

I'm teased allot!! Coworkers, family!!

So am I. I wonder why :).

They seem to find humor in my fright of something so small I guess!!

We have lots of spiders here in Australia. I'm ok with them. I am phobic of rats

I've heard that you have one of the most bad *** spiders ever!! Funnel Web!! Can penetrate leather!! WTF!!! Ewwwwww!!

Yes. It's really the only deadly spider here. The huntsman is much bigger faster and jumps. I had one go across the inside windscreen of my car. I was a bit stoned so just smashed with my palm and kept going. Lol

I would have had a wreck!!!

I was in the zone. No probs with spiders

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u r same as my bf hhhhhhhhhhhh

Thanks for reading my story!!

Personally I like nothing, if has more than 4 legs :)

Thanks for reading my story.
I do not mind any other bug in the world, but spiders..... Ewwwwwwwww!!

Saying frankly, more I don't like mosquitoes. Especially now :)

I burn tiki torches, and citronella buckets whenever outside!!

Candice...I simply must relate a funny story about spiders. I was stationed in Hawaii in the 70's and was driving a sweet 66 Austin Healey. My friend and I were parked down a small road in between sugar cane fields. We were smoking a joint...on a moon lit night...and watching the waves. If you know anything about Austins you know they are small. Long front ends and short back ones. As we were staring and just buzzing out and a cane spider jumps onto the windshield which is literally inches from my face. This one was probably 6 inches long. Huge! Tiny body but really long legs.

I screamed like a little girl! I could not find the stupid door handle for my life and could not get out of the car fast enough so I climbed straight over the door. I kept yelling who knows what and finally knocked it off with my hand. I looked in the car and there was my friend laughing his *** off at me...and realized how foolish I had been...but I just couldn't help it!

I would have died! Stoned or not!
One morning, sitting next to my wife, watching the morning news, a spider crawled up my wife's robe, right on her left shoulder. I didn't brush it off, or simply smash it with an open hand, I punched her right in the shoulder, and knocked her off the couch!!!
After the cussing was over, and I felt like a complete ***, she started laughing, and could not stop!
Thanks for reading my story, and sharing yours!

Gotcha gurl and here is another way we are the same. I hate spiders. They scare the heck out of me the sneaky crawly little nightmares.

lol... they are so scary! I am not scared of ANY insect or snake... but a spider? Yeah.... I'll scream like a working girl. Plus, they always appear out of NOWHERE!

I know!! Like when they just come dangling down from the ceiling, right in front of your face, when the lights are off, and only the TV on !!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

We need spiders in the world, other wise we would be over run with insects...just to be technical for a sec ;)

Deats sweetie! Fly swatters! Yard guard!