HATE Spiders.

We moved in our house 2 years ago, and I am still battling the spiders.

The former owner allowed them to take over the basement and garage.  They are even in the backyard in the trees and grass and plants.  It is disgusting.

I hate spiders so much I've developed a weird spider sense where I can tell one is in the room and end up noticing it before anyone else does.

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5 Responses May 18, 2007

I hate spiders too it feels like theyre watching you

I feel your pain, the same thing happened to me. When I moved into my house it was infested with great big hairy spiders - they were huge!! I can't even get close enough to kill them and my husband had to go away with the army so I had to deal with them alone for a while.....I ended up getting three kittens and they cleared the house in no time!! They loved to eat them and play with them, they really were my saviours!!

Yep, been there had that feeling. i bet you live in an old house, I now live in a newer house so that spiders have not had a chance to settle, I keep my home extremely clean in case they hide in the dust. Sad but true.!!

I hate those BIG reddish outside spiders in the yard. They always build a web right where you have to walk through. Running into those in the dark is the scariest scenerio ever.

Ouff, I hate spiders too; especially those big hairy ones. Yuck...<br />
I wish you good luck in battling them :)