When I was pregnant I would get really thursty in the middle of the night. So I would keep a cup of something to drink on the window ledge above my bed.

One morning I woke up and as usual reached up for my cup and took a big gulp of my fruit punch. Right before I swallowed I felt something floating around in my mouth. Grabbed the cup and spit out what I had drank.

I was afraid to look at first so I just set it back on the window sill. After gaining my composure I picked up the cup and looked in it. To my horror, floating in my punch was a HUGE black spider. I immediately started heaving and it took all I had not to pass out.

Cant even think about this episode without getting the heebee geebees all over again. Totally freaking WRONG!

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A Maggot would gag I think :0)

At least you didn't swallow..:) The juvenille little kid in me wouldn't let me go untill I said it. Seriouslly you had me gagin for a second..just a second.

Your story is my worst nightmare! I chucked everywhere when I was pregnant anyway, I cant imagine what I would have been like if I actually had a spider in my mouth. I have almost crashed my car on occasions having seen a spider crawl unto my steering wheel or across the dashboard. My response to encounters with spiders isnt apprceciated my partner who does not share my intense dislike of spiders. <br />
<br />
I moved to the South Coast of England from London and spiders frequently turn up to welcome me, a welcome I could well do without as they turn up in the most unlikely personal spaces. As a result, my periphial vision is almost 100% perfect, I just can not imagine nearly swallowing one of the many species of spiders I have in my house.<br />
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OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is gross, I don't know what I would do other than wash my mouth out with bleach and scream the house down!!! I have now made a promise with myself to chack everything I ever drink!!! You poor thing!!

Ew, your story actually gave me a physical response! It also reminded me of something that happened to me. I will post it in my own story!

I've done that but it was a fly...It was in my mouth, spit it out...nasty!!

Oh, gross! xP I probably wouldn't have had the composure to grab the cup before spitting anything out! Ewwww.

In someones EAR!!!! OMFG! That is just the worst thought. EEEEK!

Agggh! This reminds me of a story I read about a spider crawling into someone's ear! I am cringing!!!

I am so glad that someone else could truely feel my fear. That way I am not alone. LOL. Sorry that you have to suffer.....ok, not really. hahahaha

wow! your story made me feel like i drank something in my coffee just now. i have coffee all over my couch now... lol<br />
ew. creepy crawly spider. *cringe* oh i so entirely feel for you. wow....

YEKK!! Made we want to heave too, just reading it. <br />
There are certain places I've discovered that spiders show up unexpectantly in my house, so I always have to look before moving forward. One example is the bathtub, I always look all over the tub before running the water.

Yeah, horrifying doesnt even begin to cover it. Still makes me gag and itchy and want to wash my mouth out just talking (reliving the nightmare) about it. LOL Have to laugh or I would cry

OMG! I got creeped out reading that one too!! and you were preggers!! i would have puked everywhere!

Oh man, I got creeped out just reading it!<br />
<br />
You definitely have my sympathy!