I am terrified of spiders! I can't kill them either, since squishing them involves touching them .

Whenever I see one I grab whatever's available around me (a cup, the cover for something, etc) and trap it underneath. Then I get someone else to come and dispose of it for me haha.

Except for this one time I caught one that looked oddly shaped and I thought maybe it was poisonous (it looked very close in shape to one even though there are apparently none where I live) so I didn't kill it. But then I felt so bad for it so I arranged for it to be "adopted" by a friend who likes spiders. Except it kind of died on the way to her house haha.

Wow that sounds really cruel in a way.

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1 Response May 20, 2007

I can't do that, my mums ex partner trapped one under a glass before and it looked too gross trying to crawl up the side yucky!!