A Spider Was the Cause of the ...

a spider was the cause of the car wreck that left me partially diabled!
Toshamaye Toshamaye
22-25, F
4 Responses May 24, 2007

Wow, I hope your leg is ok now?

I can relate to this, I once had a spider in my car, it was only by luck that nothing was following me when I just jammed the brakes on and jumped out of the car......

Well me and my husband (then boyfriend) were going down the road when he seen a spider on his arm. At the time he was petrified of spiders...Well he went to hollering, "get it off, get it off!" I went to grab a napkin and remove said spider when it JUMPED onto his chest. Well, not thinking, he let go of the wheel and went to swatting his chest! The car veered into the opposite lane and hit a truck head on. I had a Fred Flintstone moment and slammed my feet in the floor before impact and severely damaged my right leg. The end! LMAO!

WOW! You must expound on this one a bit! Very interresting!