I'm Not a Big Baby, But...

...there is something about spiders that make me cringe. I think part of it is how swiftly they move.

I once went to a Halloween party where the host brought out his pet tarantula. I broke out in a cold sweat and immediately insisted that my husband take me out of there.

I try not to be too obvious about my aversion to spiders in front of my kids, and the 2 oldest seemed to grow up without any real fear of spiders, but my youngest seems to have the same aversion that I have.

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4 Responses May 28, 2007

Why would anyone want a spider as a pet?

If someone tried to show me a tarantula I'd slap them them lol!

Speaking of spiders...I had a true sign of summer delivered to me last night. While sitting on the commode, a big black spider dropped down from above on his very thin piece of silk. He almost seemed to be hanging in the air, but getting dangerously close to my knees. I paniced, screeched and jumped up (while desperately avoiding the spider) and ran from the room.<br />
I must have scared him because he started to shimmy back up that thin silk toward the opening for the bathroom fan, which is where I assume he originated from.<br />
I was desperate to kill him before he could disappear, only to return and terrorize me later. I grabbed the spider spray and from as far away as possible, I sprayed him. Of course he dropped to the ground, causing me to screech again, but I continued to spray him. He probably drowned before the poison could kill him.<br />
I then spent the next hour disinfecting the bathroom.

I too have tried to hold back on my fear in front of my kids. But somewhere she must have seen me lose my cool because she is now petrified of them. She used to catch them and then want to show me. Then play with them. I must have slipped during that faze. Couldnt stand the thought of her playing with and letting those things crawl on her skin. Ewe! Makes me start itching and cratchin just thinking about it. OMG