Why Are They Always On the Stairs?

I once stayed up really late to finish an assignment for school. As I started to go up the stairs, I saw a huge, brown spider at face level. I tried to force myself to get past it, but my legs just wouldn't budge. Each time I got to a specific step, I was glued to the ground. What made it worse was that I couldn't ask anyone for help because it was late and I didn't want to wake them up. So. After an hour or so of trying different strategies (using a sheet of white cardboard to cover the step - only thing available at the time and didn't work) I gave up and laid down on the couch dowstairs and covered myself with cushions. It was so cold and uncomfortable that I had virtually no sleep all night. I wish I didn't have such a stupid fear.

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What we aren't aware of can't hurt us :S If I have eaten spiders (which I dearly hope NOT) it hasn't affected me.<br />
I also heard that that statistic is a fake. It's gotta be fake...<br />
<br />
A painful, prickly bush I can deal with, a family of spiders leaves me a nervous wreck.

Nooo! This is seriously the stuff of nightmares.<br />
AyurvedicOVERDOSE - I have seen those spiders in pictures and would very much not want to meet them. Ever.<br />
<br />
mynameisearl - That sounds awful! I would have been mentally scarred by that happening to me. <br />
<br />
Tibicina - haha I'm definately getting nightmares tonight now.<br />
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runnagirrl - I've had a similar experience. Once I saw a huge spider hanging by my front door. It had disgusting pointy legs and an unbelievably enormous belly like a large bubble about to burst. My dad knocked it away and it flew somewhere like a golfball with legs. That was traumatising.

*shudder*<br />
<br />
i'm the same way when it comes to those eight legged creeps! i cannot freaking stand them!<br />
<br />
this past summer i was going down the back stairs at home and i just happened to glance down into the bushes at the bottom, and there was the biggest, blackest, nastiest spider suspended inside this huge web. it looked like one of the huge plastic ones you see at halloween, that's how gigantic it was. i swear i almost had a stroke. i bolted back up the stairs, went in the house, and locked the door (as though he could come up and actually open the door). just the thought of going near those back steps freaked me out for months, even after he'd moved on. because who knows where he went? he could be anywhere!

What were the webs like? Were they really thick and tough?

To say I think that would have just about killed me is an understatement. I'm expecting nightmares tonight!

I can relate. <br />
But seriously, you know whats creepy? Camel spiders.

If they knew, the world would not be a nice place. <br />
I shall avoid picking apples from innocent looking apple trees in the future :o. <br />
Haha I use similar strategies too. Yelling at the spider makes me feel braver because it shows that I'm the bigger one. But they don't seem to care so much.<br />
I hope the statistic that we eat on average 8 spiders a year is not true *shiver*

I feel with you both, I have stupid arachnophobia as well. I don't understand why those little bastards can be so scary but they give me shivers if I just think about them. It's really lucky that they don't realize how much power they have over a lot of humans. Imagine what they would do if they knew! I once had to quit a job where I picked apples from trees because there were often spiders sitting on the apples. EWWW!<br />
I like your term about trying different "strategies" for getting past a spider. I have to do that as well once they reach a certain size. I try throwing things at them or if I'm feeling courageous I try moving in and smashing them with a fly swatter while I'm yelling and my eyes are closed. If I see a really big spider in my room then I refuse to sleep in there until I have found it. But I seem to be meeting less and less spiders the older I get. I'm very grateful for that.

The worst thing is knowing that they are always there whether you can see them or not. I've seen spiders racing about at night quite a few times all over the place and it makes me very uneasy knowing that they go everywhere when we're asleep.

Something similar happened to me one night. I got up and went downstairs for a glass of water, but when I got to the door after getting my drink to go back upstairs a huge black spider ran across the doorway a couple of times. I knew it was lurking at the edge of the door and did not know when it was going to run back across the doorway again. I just couldn't chance it - I could not go back to bed and had to stay downstairs until morning.