A Spider Tried to Kill Me

I am not sure why, but I am absolutely terrified of spiders, to the point that it is a very real phobia and affects my life. I will not go out of my house at night during warmer weather because that is when they come out of hiding, and I am deathly afraid I will get dropped on by one.

I almost got into a car accident once because of one of those creepy little buggers.... it must have been hiding in the visor...this ugly white spider with a fat belly...anyway, it plopped onto my hand when I was driving down a busy road and I nearly flipped!! I almost steered the car right into oncoming traffic!!! Somehow I managed to keep some of my head, and I quickly smacked it onto the seat, then pulled oover and got out of my car. I was physically ill; I was shaking, and couldn't bring myself to  get back into the car. It took me a good 20 minutes to relax and talk myself into getting back in, after carefully searching every inch of the car for more.

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Me too!!! Terrified of them

I am terrified of them also! I get shaky and sick to my stomach when I know I have to catch one. I stayed up very late one night because I saw a spider in my bedroom and went to get it, and it crawled away. I wasn't go to bed until I found it! Ugh So frustrating!

I hate spiders the freak me out real bad.

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I am not fond of spiders, but don't consider them a huge threat. Snakes on the otherhand, make for a rational phobia, and my aversion to them is huge. Don't what I would do if one ever fell from my viser but controlling the car would not be my first reaction.

You need behavioral therapy

My daughter is the same way. She is deathly afraid of spiders, and we had the same issue one time when a spider was in the car. She started screaming and I had to pull over to kill it. <br />
<br />
Now, spiders don't bother me, but I am deathly afraid of scorpions. Spending 12 years in the desert did that, and even now that I am in an area where there are no scorpions, sometimes I still have nightmares...

Hi - I'm late to this discussion but would like to offer some hope to other arachnophobes. I was JUST as scared of spiders as this lady was, and I still wouldn't want on dropping on my unexpectedly BUT I changed my life by buying a spider catcher. This is like a little plastic pyramid on a stick, with a trapdoor. You place it over the spider, close the trapdoor and put the spider outside. <br />
<br />
This sound very simple and also quite brave for someone who's so frightened of spiders but the thing is that KNOWING I have the spider catcher right there means that when I see a spider now - even a really big one - I immediately feel IN control instead of OUT of control. This feeling has improved so much over the past few years that when I see a spider now I feel empowered instead of scared, and I even take great care not to hurt the spider while I'm capturing it. Even if I see a spider in the garden now, I don't freak out any more and just keep weeding, while it runs for cover.<br />
<br />
I NEVER thought I would be able to feel so calm about spiders. I heartily recommend taking control and changing your life for the better.

I had an experience with spiders in MI. I awoke with an itching back. Looking in the mirror, my back was covered with bites. I shrugged it off until a couple of days later, I got really sick. The doctor said it was spider bites and just one silver dollar size area contained 50 bites. He gave me something and I recovered. Obviously the bites weren't lethal, but I got pretty sick. I've always been leery of spiders since. Now I live in AZ and have to watch for scorpions. I've lived here 30 years and only seen one.

You may have been misdiagnosed. One of the hallmarks in identifying spider bites is that they are a single bite and never in clusters. Spider bites are notoriously misdiagnoses.

I have to say the spiders here in Oregon are of a different breed. The ones in Md stayed mostly in their little corners. The ones here seem kind of interested in what you are doing. I dislke this intensely. They like to creep aound me consistently. I feel such sympathy for them, but when they crawl on me, I have to slap them off. I went to a job interview once. There was a large spider on the other side of the room. I asked the interviewer if it would be Ok to kill the spider. He said it was all the way on the other side of this large room and was not bothering me. By the time the interview ended (rather abruptly, I might add), the spider was crawling up the leg of my chair. Needless to say, I didn't get the job. My husband says they think I am their mother (ewww...)

I had a simlar experiance. I was driving on the highway late at night going to work when I seen a spider crawling down twards me. I freaked out really bad. I seen him but couldnt find him. Everytime I would pass a street light I could see him. I pulled over freaking out because I knew he was some where. Then I seen him again, he was on the outside of the windsheild. lol. I felt stupid but thankful he was outside. <br />
<br />
I have always had a fear of spiders my brother would have me hold those white ones when we were younger, they didnt bite, but they sure were creapy. Once one followed me around the coffee table when I was younger, It creaped me out but I wanted to be sure it was following me, we circled that table for a good 10 minutes. Maybe its web was stuck on me I dont know.<br />
<br />
My sister is always getting bit, its like they smell something in her, some kind of chemical or something. She used to get deathly flue like symtoms, she was in the hospital alot because of it. As years went on she started getting more amune to the bites and less sick.<br />
<br />
I do like tarantulas, dont know why. As a teen a friend had on and had me hold it. It took a while but I actually thought it was nice. But those little creapy ones freak me out so bad. And they have millions of babies at one time, that is so freaky.<br />
<br />
As I read your story it kept feeling like one was crawling on me. Just the thought of one gets me.

ugh i HATE spiders! i once found one in my room and i literally SCREAMED bloody murder! then i wouldn't sleep in there! <br />
try keeping a big thick fly swatter in your room it'll help a bunch!

Go see someone who has experience in NLP (neuro linguistic programming). There is this technique called 'the phobia cure' which will during the technique gradually change your response to spiders. The technique only takes about 15 minutes but I have seen it work with my own eyes (during my training as an NLP practitioner).

I appreciate the many responses and opinions on this subject. I have since grown to a level of self-control around spiders when they land on me. I would not want to be responsible for hurting someone else because of my irrational fear. I can kill one now if I need to, and no longer have nightmares. <br />
<br />
I truly meant the story to be humorous, and was surprised by the responses it received, although, I, too, realize how lucky I was on that day in the car.<br />
<br />
Thanks everyone!!

I've been afraid of spiders for about fifty years. It became so acute that I couldn't read Charlotte's Web in a college children's lit. course. <br />
Enough of the comparisons. At the time I was also suffering from lots of anxieties, so I made my way to the psychological counseling office and made an appointment. I asked for phobia therapy, but the counselor suggested that I had other things going on and I agreed to work on them. After six sessions I was a new man, again able to make friends with people, and more importantly, read Charlotte's Web.<br />
I think of my phobia as a barometer of my overall condition.

Hi bluehaiku, I was afraid of spiders . Few years back, while we were cleaning the attic one spider suddenly jumped on my hand and started crawling then one of my friends assured me "do not beafraid! They just fall off .They do not stick/crawl on your skin".Since ,then I don't feel afraid of spiders.

There is a therapy available where they slowly reduce your fear. They start with non-threatening imagery then move slowly to inanimate models and eventually to live encounters. By the time you hit the end, there is a high success rate for desensitization of your phobia. Check with your local doctor. Your level of fear might not have only killed you in that car, you could have killed someone else.

Boy am I happy I live in western europe, no big poisonous spiders round here. But I'm still scared.. they're just so creepy.. the way they move.. *shudders*<br />
<br />
And like you said, sometimes they seem to be staring at me, or following me. I just hate em. <br />
<br />
I just freak out when I see one, start screaming hysterically, last time I even started crying.. I know pathetic.. but I just can't help it.<br />
<br />
I'm so happy I don't live anywhere where there are really big spiders, I think I wouldn't dare come out of my house!

I'm not scared of spiders, what I'm scared of are small lizards. They're Ugly and look so viscous ewww. But I'm not so afraid of them that I can't kill them. When I have the opportunity I smack them with something I'm gonna throw away anyway.

A trap door spider will try to kill you. Trap door spiders are gigantic and are a great threat to humans. While some spiders might be afraid of you, the trap door spider fears nothing. The most aggressive ones live in Australia and Brazil. One bite and you are dead, because of their powerful venom. If you are in these two locations or in the desert, shake out your shoes, boots, and clothing. Check your bedding and backpacks. Spray your surroundings with a pest exterminator. Remember, where there are mice, there is a ready food supply for trap door spiders and they will come to dine.

I have good reasons to be petrified of spiders. I have been bitten at least seven times that I know about. I have been fortunate that none of the bites were poisonous, although one of the bites gave me a staph infection. I can mind my own business only to have a spider jump on me from nowhere. I am not sure what the spiders want from me. One day I was cutting my toenails, I leaned over to cut my toenail on my big toe on the other foot only to find a spider sitting there as if it was watching me. I try not to kill them, but I could not help but slap that one off. There have been many other instances where I have not been quick enough to get them off and they bit me. I live in Oregon now and some of the spiders here are quite poisonous. When I lived in Maryland in the country, I had to keep a broom in my car because there were spiders perched on the top of the entry way that would jump on me and anyone with me. Once I hesitated to open a gate because there was a spider on the other side of the fence, not on the gate itself. My husband said "open it. That spider is too far away to get on you. It is not going to bother you!" The next thing I knew I was screaming with the spider running up my hand. I don't know what the attraction is. I wish I could keep from reacting so defensively. It is weird to have spiders crawling on you so much.

Thank you mik.....I wouldn't have liked to be in an accident, for sure, but I really did mean my story to be funny. Interesting the responses a person gets.

yeh not the accident part but the rest is entertaning

I know for a fact they can't really hurt me. Sometimes I wake up with bite marks and I don't worry to much about it. But the sight of them buggers just send me into a cartoon like frenzy. I swear every strand of hair on my body stands up when I see one. I am 5'10 and 275 pounds of muscle and almost killed myself trying to get away from one that came down from the basement ceiling while I was lifting weights.

Lighten up people.....I don't kill spiders...I am too afraid to. Stop taking yourselves so seriously. My story was meant to be funny.

:L...you shouldnt try to kill them..youve probably heard the whole theyre scared of you too crap but have you considered spiders are either male or female,they will have had mothers and fathers,they have eyes, a nose,a mouth...they deserve life as much as us..more than some..

I had a similar experience to this once. My dad was driving me to school and a huge spider crawled up my leg, and in shock I slapped it onto the door next to me and didn't budge until dad removed it for me... I'm not afraid of spiders though... just respectful of the fact they will fight back if they want.

Ooh...I like spiderman too. It's that tight outfit....yum-mee!

I just came back from camping, and let me tell you, those spiders hanging around the bathrooms were on steroids!!!!!!! I almost peed my pants trying to run the other way! :P

if somethng the size of the empire state building came at me i wouldnt jump at it and bite it! i would run miles away! Spiders just stay where they are and are like "my spot!!" and stuff! <br />
<br />
they freak me out!! even grand-daddy long legs do a little, though not as much....

lol....I am exactly the same!! I have to be shown the spider is actually dead before I believe anyone!

I am deathly afraid of spiders...its too funny reading your story because I actually did crash my car because of a spider. I was driving at night and it came down right in front of my face, I ended up crashing in a ditch and this guy pulled over to see if I was okay. I told him what happened so he went into the car and killed it for me. I wouldn't get back in my car until he actually showed me the dead spider so I could believe it was really dead. I hate those things!!!!! Flip me out, I think I would actually have a real heart attack if one ever touched me.

Yeah, squishing is icky....ugh!!

They're just so darn....sneaky.....I mean, I wouldn't be AS bothered by them if they would announce their presence somehow, like with trumpets and such!

I am the same way I almost steeped on one barefoot and I was paranoid for weeks every time I think about it I get paranoid all over again.

The spider is much more afraid of you than you are if it! How would you feel is something the size of the Empire State building came towards you? Also I should mention that spiders are extremely beneficial, as they eat enormous amounts of insects.

i would tear down the barn walls if a spider drops down on me. yuck.

lmao! snobby... hahahahaha<br />
<br />
I do understand how they can unsettle a person. If I only catch one in my peripheral vision as it's scuttling along, it does tend to raise the hairs on the back of my neck.

Oh great....snobby spiders...that's ALL I need....lol

I had something similar happen, but was lucky that it was only a Huntsman spider. They're big, but they're not a threat to humans.<BR><BR>I was able to pull over and let it crawl onto a piece of cardboard, then I put it out on the side of the road. It crawled off into a rather upmarket neighbourhood, so it did well for itself.

Nope, I've never tried hypnosis...maybe I'll look into it. Thanks!

Have you ever tried Hypnosis? It might work for you? I hate the little buggers to.

lol...I swear she was glaring at me!! lol...I know she didn't really try to kill me (admits grumblingly) and I know she was probably as scared as I was (though I still think she was glaring at me) and I am very glad most dangerous spiders do NOT live in the US cuz I would be so outta here!! :D

The fact is that the spider didn't try to kill you. She tried to defend herself. No spider is so stupid that tries to eat someone so much larger of size. The problem is that spiders (as most of animals) doesn't understand the meaning of property. When your car happens to be in her revire, she thinks, it belongs there.<BR>I mean, I'm scared of spiders too... They can be quite lethal. The fear for spiders is called arachnophobia and yes, I am pretty arachnophobic, though in Europe we do not have many really deadly spiders. Most dangerous spiders living in Australia.