******* Spiders!!!

Ok...so, not to long ago I got bit by a spider while I was sleeping. It was like a mosquito bite at first so you know I really didn’t think much of it but yeah.....then it began to expand into this large deep deep purple bruise, it sort looked like I got hit by a baseball or something to that degree. my forearm swelled up...it was just great...then it started turning all these weird colors so I was like yeaaaaa maybe I should go to the doctors...then that’s when I found out that I got bit by a spider...they said it could have been from a Hobo spider which is similar to the Brown Recluse, which is very poisonous, but isn’t has harmful. It also could have been a Brown Recluse but not an adult...I got some antibiotics and finally it started to go away after a month!! so after this whole ordeal I was nervous to sleep in my bed...so I slept on my couch for like a week. I finally vacuumed the hell out of my room...and can sleep in my bed. Hopefully I won’t get another bite because it was an absolutely atrocious experience!!!!!

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ugh just thinking about it again freaks me out!!!<br />
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eww...creepy crawlies everywhere, aaaahhhhhh!

How awful. Im glad your ok.. I was bit once working in my garden, it felt like a bee sting and within no time my thumb swelled up and formed a blister. freaked me right out. I have to tell you, my mind thought of the worse case scenerios. Im thinkink the blister might be full of spider baby eggs or I was bit by a flesh eating one like the one you described or a deadly spider. all I know is its amasing the tricks a phobia plays on your mind. Im glad to tell you the doctor prescribed benidril and the next day the swelling went down. Thanks for your story now I feel creepy crawleys all over me. lol<br />
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