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i had finished all of the house work for the evening, made a nice cup of tea to take to bed, put the tv on in my room and was just pulling the blanket back so that i could get into bed......when out of the corner of my eye i saw this huge dirty was as just sitting there......i live alone so this is 1 of my worst fears... i ran and got the broom and to my horror found that the can of bug spray was i grabbed the can of hair spray and went back to my bedroom.....i stood on my bed with the broom out streached as far as i could... so that there was plenty of distance between the 2 of heart was racing my hands were shaking the broom was shaking too......20mins fixed to the spot on my bed the huge spider daring me to wack him so that he could run.......after another 10mins i decided to go for it......((mind you this was a really big deal for me.....this was the closet i had ever been to a gaint spider with the intent to kill it myself))........ well i moved the broom towards the bloody thing.....and for a split second i thought that i had killed it...i that split second, so proud of myself.... then the ******* thing ran....i screamed, and jumped backwards on the stopped running and just sat at the top of my wall.... like it was mocking me.....i started to cry.....who would save me from this spider that had now taken over my bedroom.....i quickly collected everything that i would need for the morning and shut the bedroom door......i made a nice little bed for myself on the couch.... but befor i could fall asleep... i had to go back to my bedroom and tape shut the crack between the floor and after i had sticky-taped the door sealing the ******* little bugger in my room.....i tried to fall asleep on the couch, but every 2 secs i would see something black out of the corner of my eye......i had to call my boyfriend at work the next day and ask him to come and hunt it down for me after he finished work.............. I ******* HATE SPIDERS ......

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I can understand this. I used to never be frightened of spiders and most bugs, as I grew up a very serious tomboy. When I got older, I had just moved to the state of California in the US, and I found a bite on my left side just barely underneath my armpit. The bite was from a brown recluse, which are extremely poisonous and we lived in a very small rural town and would have never made it in time to a hospital to suck out the venom. Luck for me, my mother is a great herbalist and she fixed up a poultice for me to place on the bite to suck out the venom.
We caught it in enough time, but Ive been terrified of spiders since. One of my friends didn't help much by sharing a story about when a spider had supposedly laid eggs in her leg... It sounds far fetched to me, and Id prefer to keep that opinion

Well I too was an avid tomboy, and nothing really scared me, but growing up in Australia you would be stupid not to be scared of the bastards...We have some of the biggest and deadliest varieties and they just crawl into your house and your shoes and everywhere.....It is a bloody nightmare!!

Yea, my mother has a cousin out there and she has told me the horror stories.
I once really wanted to visit even though Id despise being labelled as a tourist even though that would technically be what I am. I cant remember, but I hear there is a special oil that you can put down in your home that wont have an odor for you but repels spiders.

If there is...I would love the name of use Moretine, Raid, Shoes, and Big Blokes to kill them..... :)

I will definitely look it up so see what it is called. Though Im unsure if it works as I haven't tried it yet, but Id like to, especially for my bedroom. I don't mind spiders so much elsewhere in my house but in my bedroom is different as Im more vulnerable in my sleep.

I hope you realize know I am seeing black things in the corners out of my sight due to all of this spider

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hahaha....lucky you..... :D

OMG when I found the bug spray empty I would have freaked and had to spend the night somewhere else. I am lucky rthat my dogs love to eat spiders and ants.

=( awwww, sounds like something i would do. (no lulz intended)

lol aww

......... ;(

awww lol <br />
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but that is a very funny story haha