Can't Get Over My Fear

i've been scared of the dark for as long as i can remember. when i was younger, the second i turned off my light i'd have to run and jump into bed even with a night light. now i am 19 years old and i am still terrified. i can't sleep with the door open because the hallway is dark and it adds to my fear. when i get up in the night for water or to go to the bathroom i have to turn on every light along the way. when i'm in the dark i get so scared and it almost feels like i start to have some sort of panic attack and it's difficult to breathe or to focus on anything but my fear until i turn on a light.

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LOL I'm the same way..

Here's an idea.<br />
<br />
F.E.A.R. - Face Everything And Recover<br />
It's a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy treatment for such fears.<br />
<br />
It's extremely simple so you might not believe me til you try it.<br />
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It involves actually exposing your self directly to your fear for as long as you can. Preferably for 20 minutes to half an hour at a time. In your case sitting in a darken room would suffice. And yes you most likely will have to do this several times. <br />
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As for your fear of ghosts (real or not), I too can agree with your beliefs, but I have come to discover that no harm (and I am 40 now) has come to me or ANYONE else that I know off from such phenomena. I tend to see any untoward presence as a form of entertainment. Kind of like watching TV or a movie.

the thing i think that scared me the most about the dark is ghosts. i've had experiences i can't explain and i do believe strongly in ghosts and i don't see myself being convinced otherwise. i know a lot of people don't believe in that and thin it's all just a big hoax or whatever but i honestly believe in that stuff and i have experienced what i believe is the paranormal and that's a big part of what i get afraid of in the dark. realistically a ghost could make contact at any time but i feel like im safer in the light, when i'm in the dark i seriously just get this feeling and these thoughts that are pretty much "i'm going to die"

Good news, you are not the dark - just kidding!<br />
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I too suffered the same fate when I was young.<br />
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I guess I out grew it, especially as I came to realise that most of the fear was in my mind. (I stay "most" of the fear because stubbing your toe or kicking something with your shin can hurt like a $%#@$)<br />
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I guess to solve this problem you might need to look at your self and what you might be doing to perpetuate this problem (watching scary movies?) or letting your imagination run riot in that head of yours.