Fear Of The Unknown

i am 25, i have a fear of the unknown. i dont know why. i think its really stupid. i think shyness, anxiety and this fear of the unknown are all alongside. u conquer one u conqer all. well i used to be really shy. thas y i didnt make a lot of friends. when i did express myself people were interested. u cant please everybody. i  have improved a whole lot by just going in and talk. just do it, u will feel a lot better. if u run away ur fear wil increase . i know its hard to live ur life to the fullest, not as easy as said. dont let one incident let u down. i be happy all the time and than one incident will take it all away. like i said u cant please everybody. i am learning to live now. i feel more confident. i try to make a conversation with everybody. lol its not that hard. i think i am gonna do a lot better. nobody really cares about u to think bout it. u gotta look out for ur own. i dont wanna get old and look back and regret all the things i could have done just because i was shy. i dont care if u r white black or brown. we r all human beings. just have faith. take it easy and feel confident. more i conquer this fear more i love life. i think life is great b4 i didnt think like this. i know a lot of people r out there just like us. when ever u talk somebody like us might be listining. haha i feel better after writing all this. hopefully i will conquer it all one day and i have a strong feeling i will. ok guys thas all i can think of. hope to see u on top.

shyone1234 shyone1234
22-25, M
Mar 12, 2010