Make Him Stop!

When I go to the EEEP landing page, he's there on the right, staring at me, staring at me --- make him stop!
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More odd than scary - but that icy stare! Yikes!

An author by the name of Tim Ferriss - who had a book about how to "live more and work less" - used to run a banner ad on the right side of the EP home page. He had a rather piercing stare and closely cropped orange hair.


No such thing as bad publicity - just spell the name correctly!


Bear in mind that, according to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, "Less is more." So, according to him, by working a 4 hour week, we'll be working more - more or less.

I'm sure that Tim would agree with Oscar Wilde that, "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about."

I was only kidding. I don't think he would care one bit. I am sure he would be happy to be discussed. Though the part about training to fight is true.<br />
Why doesn't someone post a question about how long his face is going to be plastered on every page of EP? Maybe he will answer in his column. It seems there have been few takers for the free advice.

The man has achieved his aim. We are all discussing him and all know his name and how he looks. He could not have asked for more from very reaonably priced advertising.<br />
I'd keep anonymous here if you get too personal about his looks. I read an interview in Utne or Ode in which he discussed his book. Part of the 'why' of his 4 hour work-week is he is training in mixed martial arts to fight. Now you have a reason to be afraid!!!!

And I could be a pledge for I Felta Thi.

Well now, this does present a quandry. It might mean that secretly we're all studying Tim's book and have found that 4-hour work week - leaving us with 36 hours to apply to the more serious task of cracking up Celainn - which is much more interesting than what is commonly referred to as work. Or - it might mean we're slackers.

Now it's official - the party can get started - Mystik in the house. I agree - we seem to be a nation in need of advice. I'm waiting for a self-help guru to publish a book with all the secrets you need to know in order to become a self-help guru and write a book that will be read by people who are willing to listen to self-help gurus rather than actually helping themselves! Wheh - I'm exhausted.

ROFLMBWAO...<br />
Funny as hell, guys. I know...isn't it insane the things that people will pay other people to tell them...the new gurus. No thanks...the WIZARD OF OZ stuff...OMG.

Coffee Girl - Apparently you're doing the work of at least 7 people, Tim would very disappointed. Remember the Isley Brothers? "I'm takin' care of business darlin' can't you see? Gotta make it for you, gotta make it for me" Also covered very nicely by AWB. Gottago - I've got work to do.

Submitted for your approval. A man with piercing blue eyes and closely cropped orange hair gazes blankly yet intensely into the unsuspecting souls of an online internet community whose members are distributed worldwide. Quietly, blithely, carelessly they share their thoughts, dreams, ambitions - fingers dancing merrily across worn keys - innocently unaware of the dark forces behind this disarming image - forces that will twist their perception of time itself until they believe 4 hours equals a week, forces that will cause them to question the very foundation of all that is good and noble and righteous about America - the 40 hour work week - the work ethic itself. Yes dear friends, they've entered a virtual nightmare and have become the digitally damned. They have slipped into TIMLIGHT ZONE!

El... you are so funny!!! LOL

Never cared much for Alf, although he and I do share one common interest.

The smartest characters in that movie were the witches. But bear in mind, the protagonists spent a good deal of time zonked out of their gourds in a poppy field.

The winged monkeys were creepier than the creepiest reptile. So the lion ws looking for courage. The scarecrow was looking for a brain. But what was the TIM-MAN looking for? More free time?

Hey - you broke the code! I'll be the cowardly lion and you can be the TIM MAN!

Here's another idea for a weight loss book. Question. How can you look 100 pounds slimmer in an hour? Answer. Be a guest on Oprah.

There's music in Italian, isn't there? Such a fun language. The town I live in has so many pizza parlors that you pass another one every time you have a dirty thought. But there's always roomfor one more. I can hear it now. "Paparazzi Pizza, can I help you? Pepperoni pie? Pete! Pepperoni pie, pronto!"

Brilliant idea. Target it to the ADD crowd. And to prove our sincerity, and the fool-proof methodolgy of our system - we could actually WRITE THE BOOK in 1-HOUR. That would leave us plenty of time to pose for the book jacket photo, autograph bald heads, and avoid the paparazzi.

Agree completely. Let's make this, "Ferriss Fooler's Day Off." Oh God, there goes 13 seconds I'll never get back, and I haven't even fed the 'gators yet!

Hi Manicann: While I repect your CarrotTopaPhobia, and will support you in your efforts to find a Carrot Top free zone - please be aware that I am under the spell of Tim - and now understand that a 4-hour work week is life's highest goal. Candidly, I've already worked 3 hrs and 45 minutes this week, so I must be very careful with my time! Have a Ferriss day!

Coffeegirl - I know what you mean. I think this is my most active post - who'da thunk it? All Hail Great & Glorious Tim - Whose Command and Authority falls somewhere between those of Rasputin and Svengali! I am not worthy!

I never once for a moment believed that Carrot Top was even remotely male.

That's the kind of girl you can take home to mother, if mother works at an inner tube factory.

The group icon photo is the best. Sort of looks like a cross between the "comedian" Carrot Top and one of those nasty **** dolls.

The hair is odd - like orange astro-turf. Forhourweewee kworkworkweakfore oursandyoursandfore andaftweak weepeepEEP!

Oh God, I'm dizzy, the whole spin is rooming, liverwork lessermess, lessermore, messlesswork, messerlesser, hEP me preeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzze

hEP me! hEP me! hEP me!

Celainn. Putting my mug up there might frighten the dogs, maybe not a great idea. (I can hook you up with El Lagarto cartoons.) As to the Navy. I'm telling you, I worked on a freighter and you never saw hard core hetero like these guys. When we hit port it was strictly, "Lock up your wife and hide your daughter."

It's interesting. I've been in prison, and I worked on a ship - both environments were straight as six o'clock. The State Department, on the other hand, whew.

Ummm... " Don't pick up that bar of soap on the floor"?;)

Oh Emerald, you've figured me out. Those sparkling eyes, blue as marbles and nearly as expressive. That precise haircut that bravely announces, "Hello world, I just got out of prison!" What is there to say besides, "Hello sailor!"

El, you just don't like that amused stare he's giving you : I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER (with your spare time!) Oooo... are you holding out on us, El??!!

If there was a way to add a "caption balloon" to the photo, I could create a Tim Ferriss - El Lagarto cartoon of the day.

Good Idea, perhaps we can change his ex<x>pression to match our moods.

Maybe we could request an item box so we could dress up Tim Ferriss ... click and paste things on his face... hats, wigs .. etc ..... or not :))

You mean, like I used to make ashtrays disappear at the 4 Seasons? It's a good strategy, grams, with a fatal flaw. With the exception of the Pais Hilton CD, which I did not listen to, I feel that out of a sense of professionalism I should watch, listen to, or read the item before I review it. Gasp! I'd have to read the book! And frankly, considering what a slacker I am, a freelancer working at home, my work week is already way too short! :-)

El , do a review on his book, maybe you can make him disappear

He is rather striking after all. And his eyes! So penetrating!!!

I've seen his face so many times that I see him in my dreams. I think I'm in love...