My worst nightmare. The sound, size, shape, color and sheer force of these things are always creeping up in my dreams. The sound and size is bad enough, but the thought that you can't do anything about these monsters is truly terrifying.

In 1997, when I was two, my family moved to Michigan. This was a huge misfortune because that same year (a few months later) a total of 13 tornadoes touched down in northern Detroit. My earliest memories are of tornado sirens going off in my front yard and my pregnant mom and dad rushing me into the basement, scrambling to hook up the radio or the TV. Our basement flooded eleven times.

When I was in kindergarten, the tornados struck again. We were evacuated into a lower level hallway. On the way down, there were two gigantic windows across from the stairs. The single most terrifying moment of my life was glancing out of those windows! Everything was pitch black and all I could hear was roaring wind, as if the tornado was right on top of us. I will never forget the terror I felt, right then and there.
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May 7, 2014