Scared Of Turning 30?


Try 55.... makes 30 look like child's play.  

Getting old is NOT for the cowardly.  
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5 Responses Nov 15, 2011

you're right about that lol. turning 30 was not a big deal for me but when i got to 40 and beyond i realized that i'm not liking aging so much. having aches, pains, more fatigued, etc. the saying that you're not getting older, you're getting better is bunk to me.

That saying was invented by Madison Avenue to sell some crap or another. Getting old sucks. Period. Especially in a society that hates old people and thinks we should run like 20 year olds since that's where their mentality is.

Well I'm 50 now but was scared would never make it to 30!

HA !!! .... I gotcha all beat !!! .... life goes on .... it's all good ....

yes ... I hear you! loud and clear!!

Oh yeah-I know. I'm 43 (44 in a few weeks).