Moving Onward

I've found a new level of awareness I never knew existed. The adjustments are in progress. However with that, comes the ability to see beyond exteriors and see what lies beneath the portrayed facade. Ugliness in what I once thought was admirable and left breathless in exquisite beauty in minor details or unnoticed gestures. I used to "attached" or somewhat "clingy" and now I have no hesitation to cut people completely out of my life and keep it moving. I feel like i'm getting a crash course in life and i'm spinning a bit out of control. I am afraid and yet at the same time, I feel brave enough to embrace change. I feel like i'm waiting for something to happen. I'm going to either find something to anchor me down and bring me back to earth. Or i'm going to crash and burn. I turn 30 in a few months. And my age also has me wondering if I was meant to fulfill my dream of a happy family. Or was I meant for a greater purpose?
At any rate. I'm hoping someone can relate to what I am going through. Someone can tell me they went through something similar and everything will be alright?
myawareness myawareness
26-30, F
Nov 24, 2012