The Big 30

 I dreaded turning 30, I questioned where I am at at 30 and where I wasn't, i even wrote a dissertation on it then it hit and to tell you the truth its not bad actually its kind of great, I am in my prime The perfect time for a freash starts, i truely believe that 30 is a time to embrace,your old enough to learn from past mistakes and still young enough to do something about it,so to all those turning 30 it begins now, i have only been 30 a few months but so far so good

sweetstacey sweetstacey
26-30, F
2 Responses Jul 27, 2008

It it so nice to see someone else like me. Someone who dreads the big 30, but also knows that it is a great new fresh start. You have made so many stupid mistakes, but know that you have learned your lesson for each one, and can take life by the horns and finally live it the way you had planned. Your plans might have taken a back seat to your 20's, but better late than never huh?

i dont think 30 will be that bad...