I turn 27 on Sunday. I love age 26. I don't want it to end. I have 3 years to complete my 3 major goals...get married, buy a house, have kids. I always intended to be done having kids by 30. My mom was done by 22 and she was so energetic. I went to college, got a master's degree and now I work 3 jobs. I have barely any energy. My boyfriend and I are trying to buy his parent's house...and then when we have some money (which will probably be never!) we will get married. And then kids. But that really isn't good enough for me. I need (really this is a desperate need) to buy the house by the end of this year, get married before I turn 28 and then have my kids. I wanted to space it out a little, but I only have 3 years now.  I just feel like 30 is so close and if I don't have these goals taken care of I am going to be miserable. I expected always to be married by 22, kids by now and a house whenever possible. It just isn't working out for me. How do I not think about turning 27? I am really becoming miserable over this.

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Well now that you are 32 I wonder how life is for you now. Did you get to accomplish the things you wanted? I am 28 soon getting close to 30 and I can empathize. But I agree with chromaticone, we humans are always looking for more elevation and once we get there we will continue looking for more. I am counting my blessings because many never get to see my age and I am quite young. God is good to me. I may not have it all but he is still good to me.

I'm only a few years older, but if I may share my perspective (whatever it's worth)<br />
It never ends. There is always something that hasn't been acomplished like we expected. As Pascal said mankind is the most envious creature because we have the ability to envision a perfect life and work towards making it a reality but we are the most pitiable creature because we will never reach that goal in this life and must live with the constant sense of....well....you know how it is.