Terrible Thirty

I'm turning 29 in a couple of months and the thought of being a year away from the big 3 0 is scary. I have nothing against the age 30...I'm sure there are a lot of thriving, happy people in their 30's...but being single and clueless about what I really wanna do with my life at this age makes 30 scary. People are supposed to be something already when they 30...I'm worried that when I turn 30 I'd still be...I don't know...nothing?
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Hi Sarah so I realise you posted this a couple of years ago. I'm going through the same thing, turning 30 in a couple of months. Can you please share what you did the day you turned 30? And can you please also share what did you do to overcome that feeling of yours?


Hello! I am now 35 so now I'm dreading the big 4 - 0! haha! The people around me made my 30th birthday special. They threw a surprise party for me so it wasn't really that bad. It would be a good idea for you to party hard with your favorite people on your 30th birthday. Being in your 30's isn't bad at all. In fact, I now feel more comfortable in my own skin unlike when I was in my 20's, trying to please everyone to fit in. I can say I started REALLY living when I turned 30...I started traveling and trying out new things. It's true I still get scared and I worry about still being single at this age and still being a bit clueless at times...but I thought to myself that there's really no use in waiting and moping...the only thing to do is live life and enjoy every moment of it.

Thx Sarah! I'm still doubtful about partying hard that day, I've been disliking everyone recently :-P It's nice however to talk about this with someone and know that aging isn't that bad.
Contact me if you ever feel like sharing anything ;-)

Yeah, it sucks. I am 30 and what am I doing......leaving a mere comment on your story. Please excuse me while I go dig my grave =^(

I was 29 in august and sice then have been in a HUGE PANIC about trying to sort my life out... i have no sence of direction, and am desperate to find myself!! Im secretly hoping to wake up one day and know what im doing! anyone feel the same?

I am sure if you look around you will find that you life is not nothing. And if you aren't happy, then you have a year to change for the better :-) In either case, age is just a numebr :-)