I Turn 30 In 5 Months....ahhhhh!!!!!!

Getting older hasn't really hit me until now. Although my teens and 20's I felt invincible. Now as I approach 30 I feel like I am reaching the point of no return. I also quit smoking.... 6 weeks now... I am experiencing all the quitters side effects. Wow! I cant believe I'm turning 30... I remember when I was just a young kid playing street football, cutting school, and playing video games. Now I am married and have 3 children, a house, a job....ahhhh!!!!!

Thank you all for listening (reading).....

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usmcvince usmcvince
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3 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Reaching 30 or 40, 50, 100 is easy, the trick is to live life to the fullest without regrets.

Thirty is nothing..wait until your a few years from fifty..lol.<br />
Enjoy every moment and remember..make sure it's enough..live life to the fullest!<br />
And children grow so fast..treasure your moments with them because once they hit high school <br />
ugh!<br />
Take care and enjoy being thirty!

Thirty is only a number, like 21, or 16 years old. Look forward to reaching 50, than you will be over the hill, like me. Happy Birthday guy.