My moms bipolar, my dad an alcoholic, because of his problem he's angry all the time and is abusive towards me! I was in a abusive relationship and was raped twice it seems like the pain never ends! I started acting out and I've made some pretty bad choices! I smoked weed, had sex a few times, smoked cigarettes, and almost failed three classes and I'm only 15! I've hurt so many people and I've ruined a lot for myself! The past hurts to much, what if the future doesn't get any better? I screwed up way to much already!
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2 Responses Aug 15, 2014

Your future is in your control, all the decisions you make is what the future will be.

You said abusive relationship. Did he punch you in your belly or boobs? That's not right. Being raped is not your fault. You do what you do to survive when you submit. When it happens, it's out of your control. If you resist, your punched in your belly until your to weak to resist or rope is tied to your wrists/ankles spreading you out. Other times, hands and knees like a dog.

It was not the same person who raped me that I was in an abusive relationship with. Also neither of those he'd slap me and sometimes punch me in the face!

Ouch! I'm scared of my nose being broken or my teeth being knocked out. If I'm being beaten up, I'd prefer punches to my belly if I had to.