Just Sayin' This Is Not A Vent Either

To save my *** from future misunderstanding (again) and not to create any intricate impression to my sometimes subtle stories. I guess I have to simply say. . . that I don't criticize anyone from my circle, especially lady friends.

I'm here to discover, and share an opinion but not likely to criticise anyone.
I share and stories and comments. My "awws" and "wows" are my sincere words fo friendship. I don't touch on other's private issues, unless it be opened publicly, or be brought to me in private way.
I can keep secrets and have respect for privacy.
I try to be open, wether you accept that or not, I remain the same. And still I don't (again) criticize other's (your) style or way of dealings in EP.

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5 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Not only are you smart and beautiful, you are a first class lady. You have been nothing but a supportive and honest friend. If anyone thinks differently they aren't paying attention.

haha I so love you for that my dear friend.^^

Here. Here!
I'm in total agreement, as I feel exactly the same way.

You are sweet and a pure heart

**Speechless** thanks. . .

That you make us .."Speechless"

All of what you stated above is only part of why I have such a high respect for you, hold you in such high regard and consider you such a special friend, my dear LR.

Whoooo Hooooo!!! That's my Cowboy! teehee Thanks friend.^^

You are welcome, as always, my dear friend. :)

You're a total sweetie and even when there is a misunderstanding you ROCK with your honest sincerity.... That speaks very loudly for what a good person you are... hugs...

Aha- I needed that from you Sunshine. Thanks and just have to say you make me laugh seeing your sweet comment. Thanks Sierra, it's good to know you.^^

Laughing always rocks!! Glad I got you to grin!! :D

I don't know why anyone would mistake wow and aw as criticism. I've never seen you in that light.

It's more than with my awws and wows, actually. I never realized that just one story would be one to touch a very sensitive part/issue of a sweet friend. But I'm glad we made it clear to each other. And that which prompt me to post this, to avoid misunderstandings in the future.