You Have the Power............

~ To break me to the point of no return. You could help yourself to my soul & leave me with nothing to hold onto. You could cause me more pain then anyone else & with that power, I fear you.
I'm not sure if I ever had any power at all. Perhaps I gave it away when I was too small to know the difference. Perhaps I never had it to begin with. All I know is that there are few people who could hurt me as bad as you can. Momma is one. The only other one actually. You have the power also, & I fear what you will do when you realize you hold it. It terrifies me because I know what can happen to me. I've seen it, & I don't want to go there again. I don't think I'd be able to pull myself out again.... Will you destroy me? Only time will tell, will it stop me from loving you & hoping for the best....No, because without my heart, I wouldn't be the woman I am. So I will pray that you don't hurt me & prepare just in case you do. ~


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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Your heart - your soul - you hang on to that - Pray for that - you can stop hurting - you can stop fear - there doesn't have to be a next time to prepare for.<br />
To reach out is to risk - to risk takes courage - courage is strength - fear weakens you.

When we become that fearful in our lives,young or old. this is not a way to start a new day.Being afraid is something that will distroy all the beauty in your life and will rob you of peace of mind. There is a saying that you can put into action,only then can you walk away from fear that is ruling you! and that is seek and you will find.that means some homework on your will go to the library and check out books on fear, when you do this it will have already started to go away.WE some times bind our self with chains.The more knowledge you have and understanding you will have control over it.Once you have control you can choose not to be this way.This is important.When we live in the dark little do we know we can have light by day or a light switch.I will be thinking of you.