Can Love Actually Be Defined?

They say a mothers love is unbreakable, as strong as steel. This can't be the case for my mother, no contact with her kids for two years.
Why do we as humans love the people who do not love us back? We have an innate ability to automatically love and cherish people, what is my downfall? Why does nobody love me?
I fell in love with a French man whilst on holiday, i have never loved anyone as much i loved him. We speak everyday, but there is little hope we can ever see each other again..

I think to myself, what have i done wrong God? The only person i love is hours away on a plane journey. The boy i still love is a 10 minute ride again but has he ever truly noticed me? God please. I need some love in my life, amen.
SaphireRose123 SaphireRose123
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 23, 2012

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