im sorta scared 2 be in My own Skin...everytime i look into the mirror i see a different person always...sometimes i see a  confident young lady and other days i see a loser with no life...im struggling alot..with school judgement..guys...im not comfotable in my own skin im really scared to be myself....i try really hard to ignore the harsh remarks people make...im tired of all of it... i wish everyone could just SHUT UP And look at themselves because it really hurts when people start judging you.....i hate being the outsider....iM SCARED To Be Myself...and i Dont know what to Do About it....
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I feel exactly the same way as you. Ive been struggling with myself for years now.... Im almost 30 y.o. and i feel just like day one.... The thing is I never accepted myself !!! i always wanted to be somebody else my whole life !!

... yeah. =(<br />
Try finding some good friends. ^ ^ Who would stick up for you no matter what. I mean, I don't know.<br />
=( Maybe it's difficult for you to find such good friends. For me, it isn't. Lucky me, I guess.<br />
I don't know what I wanna say here, but sometimes I feel like how you feel too, and it hurts. =( Unbalanced.

People can be judgemental, cruel and harsh no doubt. Sounds like you just need a couple of new friends to bond with. You might be surprised at people who might share the same interests as you. When I was in highschool I knew the girls that were very popular and was friends with some of them. At the same time I hung around kids that were considered social outcasts and that were picked on. I always stood up for them no matter what. Even if it meant having to set some of my popular friends straight. I never cared what other people thought because I saw things in people good things that everyone else just dumped on them for! Something tells me that you may be like that too! A loyal and caring friend is hard to come by and I bet you are that kind of friend. I can tell by your writting that you are a caring and compassionate person. That is something to be proud of because it means you got a lot of heart and soul!