Guess Who Showed Up Last Night?

I broke up with my fiance a little over a month ago. He really scared me and I HAD to get out. I told him I wasn't telling him where I was moving to, or where I found a new a job. (I was pretty concerned about him randomly showing up). Well.... last night his sister and mother showed up at my door. They demanded a specific baking dish and anything else that was theirs... While I went to find these items (mind you, I was in the shower, thinking my sister showed up because she lives in the same building and needed something, HA) this woman put her foot in the door jam so I was unable to close the door... and REFUSED to move it. I gave her the dish, a key to her mother's house, who stood there and said nothing the entire time, and a key to her house, which she apparently didn't know I had. She gave me grief about how I need to go about things....
How did they find me? They drove around until they found my car, and then looked in windows until they found my furniture.
Yeah, that's what she said happened.

Wonder why I'm scared now? I'm terrified.
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