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I have disabilities. I am not mentally ill or mentally disabled but I was born with some physical disabilities that deal with balance, finger dexterity and hand/eye coordination.

Earlier this year, I had the misfortune of reading something someone posted online pertaining to elevators and escalators. She was brutal. She stated rather emphatically that she thought if a person took the elevator, that it was because they were lazy.

When I still lived in Hawaii, I was in the elevator when I was a little girl, and was horrified when my babysitter's son Keawe (Hawaiian name pronounced keh-aa-veh) got his whole hand stuck in the door and the door kept moving. I still get scared when having to pass the elevator door in or out of the elevator. I still hear his screams. I am not at all scared of the idea of the cable wires breaking and the elevator crashing. I guess it's the witnessing a horror that happened to my friend that emergency medical people had to fix.

Will that stop me from using the elevator? No. I have no choice. My hand/eye coordination has caused me to fall down on the down escalator if no one holds my hand; because my hand/eye coordination challenges prohibit me from getting safely on the step while holding on the moving rail. I also have challenges on regular stairs, made easier though by the stairs not moving, and making it nonchallenging if someone holds my hand.

I can use the up escalator with no problems. If there is maintenance trouble with the elevator and I have to use the escalator, I just ask a stranger to help me since I am not afraid to ask for help.

Whoever invented elevators and escalators are truly amazing. I just am glad I am able to get assisted if I need help on the escalators. I one time had to literally walk to the other side of the mall to use an elevator even though the escalators were frequent and closer. Then I had to scramble for time because of my ride. So instead of walking all over to get to the elevator, I stayed by the down escalator and waited for anybody to walk nearby. When someone did, I asked them to help me get on the escalator.

This world has so much bad. But the sprinkling of the random kindness is so, so nice. The human race may be flawed but the kindness makes the smiles everlasting.
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I also have experienced balancing problem and co-ordination problems with right hand fingers. So, may be I am able to understand that. Hugs. :)