i'm 15 so i just got my permit and i'm currently in drivers ed. we have to go on 6 drives w/ the instructor and then drive 50 hours w/ our parents before we can take the state test and get the intermediate license. the only place i've driven so far is in parking lots and my first drive is THIS monday w/ my instructor and its ON THE ROAD. i don't want it to show but i am absolutely freaking out because now its not my life anymore, its other people like real life people who are on the road! and there are soooo many rules on the road like what if i don't remember them all or what if i go too fast or too slow or what if something goes wrong?? i feel like i am the only kid on the universe that is scared to drive on the road bc all my friends have already driven on the road and highways and they are all so calm and they say its easy. but i'm still so scared and i really want to get over my fear of driving and i was hoping maybe other people experienced this too? how did you get over it?
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I remember that day, just relax and tell your self everything is okay. I have had my first lesson and now I love driving.