i am scared to express my thoughts and feelings because evrybody will bash me .
i am scared to express my feelings and thoughts because none will understand me
and i am scared to do so , because im scared of society ,internet society and all the world ,and also because this world is full of bullies , bigots , and non free people , they hate diffirence and they dont beleive there should be a word "diffirence" in the dictionary
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I know there are a lot of unsupportive people out there but if you want anyone to talk to I'm here for you. I can give you a good advice and I won't judge you! :)

**** them haters. Live your life the way you want to. After all you only live once. Just do you boo boo

Well if it helps i won't bash you if you'd like to talk to me about anything ^.^

thank u <3

Not everybody will bash you.

at least 50 percent

That's because you have an opinion,most don't have one :-)

u r quite supportiv

don't take net people seriously.
most of em are scumbags that live just to troll.
you need not to prove anything.


hey, thanks :)

You're welcome dear :-)

Don't be afraid friend...if there are bad people...there are also good angels looking over you...

i hope so


you should not be afraid miss moon be your wonderful beautiful self


thank you miss

You're welcome mister :-)


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you just need to find the right people to share with........CAREFUL - most people ARE ********....but there's enough real good ones to get by......

So hard to find the gems in the roughs

ignore them...and internet is the best place to talk and share...you can share anything with strangers

Also just spending time and writing out to yourself will do

depends all on the person..

i wanna be friends with u


msg me,

move to france. they will accept you there.

they ll kill me there loool but thnx

why kill you? i don't think so ;)

im muslim and i wear the veil , none ll like me in the whites world


the veil could be awkward, but there are many muslim in europe today. there's one in my building!

cool , still i the social anxious lil girl ,i may feel like trying but i dont have the means to

of course, life is never that simple, but keep it in mind. who knows, perhaps you'd leave the veil and go full goth ;)

i dont think so , none leaves them relegion

i thought religion was in the heart, not in the cloth, but hey, what do i know? ;)

u know what u know


Find love in yourself first before you find love in others outside

They're stupid sheep for believing media made by stupid haters


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Feel free to message me any time you want to get something off your chest. I'll listen and I won't judge.

I know how it feels to believe that no one cares and no one can understand just because no one is willing to listen. I'm willing to listen, and no matter what kind of crazy ideas or opinions you've got hidden away, not one of them could make me not care or want to understand.

r nt you afraid if ur thoughts might be punished by death sentence ?

Is that a metaphor of some kind? I haven't seen any thought police roaming around XD

i wish there is somewhere i can tell u evrything without posting here on ep

That's what private messages are for? We could find something else if you really want to.

Overall the world is crazy

#wow this is what being a #human citizen is all about

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I won't deny that some people are like that, but being different is okay. If you have an opinion on a topic, share it. Some people may disagree, but you may be surprised to find a friend who shares your beliefs.

u have no idea ,im an outcast here , i never found someone who can understand me
they ll point out im a creepy and weirdo all the time , im not being detailed but i hope u got some points here

Just because you haven't found someone yet doesn't mean they're not out there.
I may not understand you, but I already accept you for who you are, and you don't have to explain anything to me. I won't judge you, or call you derogatory names.
I'm an outcast too, I know what it's like to be different. So I can relate.

well thank you , i appreciate that people like you come to write on my story <3


You should get their points too just as they got yours; meet them in the middle

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