I Am Scared to Go Home!

Today I got a message tellin me that my friends car had been stolen and 2 of the people who I thought were just your typical gangsta neighbors who u wave to and say hello had murdered an inocent 17 year old girl. I'm on vacation, but when i get home.. life is going to be different. I can see violence taking over our once very calm and child friendly co-op.     I'm scared to go home!

chateone chateone
18-21, F
2 Responses May 17, 2007

are you in a position to look for a new place right now? Living next to gangstas is fine KNOWING TOO MUCH is dangerous and not fine. I will pray for you to find new home right away.

Oh God! That must be incredibly hard for you!<br />
I hope you will be able to cope anyways. Life must go on.<br />
Good luck! :)