I Am Always Worrying Everyday

I just keep worrying, about time. I always think that time is going to end or something. Now, I am scared to go outside, because I am afraid of something bad going to happen. I mean you guys, and other people are brave. I think bad things happen to me, because I haven't gotten my first kiss. It all has to go back to that. I mean I am almost 25, and never had a real girlfriend. I just want to know why. Why did I pass up opportunity, after opportunity. I mean God, have said you don't know how, or when you're going to die. But God, can get rid of people when he wants to. Now I am having problems with my kidneys/ or liver on my left side. Like I am always on guard, when I go out in the public. I feel like as soon as you get your first kiss, it is like you are welcome to the other side of life or something. Everyone, feels so good, all the got-**** time, and I want to know why. Everyone is just happy, is it because they are satisfied with getting their first kiss. I am just extremely nervous about everything. Everyone can live life peacefully, and I want to know is it because you don't have to worry about getting your first kiss.

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 27, 2010

I'm sorry you feel that way and sorry about your kidneys and liver. I don't think, however, that a person's life has to revolve around getting a kiss. And as far as society goes, I don't think it's right to discriminate against people who haven't gotten kissed.